Affordable casual working attire

You got a new job and the dress code has changed from business to business casual. This can be quite confusing at the beginning, but do not worry, business casual is even easier to achieve than business. The dress code does not require suit and tie attire, but it still needs to be business appropriate. If you think smart, you can easily look sharp for less money.
Each office has its own idea of business casual, but this dress code usually means sober, professional and crisp. “You don`t need a tie per se, but we're not talking about sweatpants. Think of the overall look and make the pieces work together”. This is a piece of great advice given by Khurshid Begum, who is a creative director at Oved Apparel and worked as a fashion designer for names like Calvin Klein, or Giorgio Armani. For more help, check out this short and smart guide:

The first step: Check your closet
The first move in finding the perfect business casual work attire is to check your own closet! You must have some jeans hidden somewhere, and if you own at least a pair of dark denim, you have good taste! There are different types of the working environment, and the creative spaces usually accept employees dressed with a pair of black sneakers made of leather or canvas, such as “Adidas Stan Smiths” or “Converse Jack Purcells”. Look out for the long-sleeve shirts, especially the button-up type, and for the khaki pants. The things that wear should not look worn or overused. If you do not want to buy new clothes, just bring your old ones to a dry cleaner and make them look sharp.

The second step: Complete your wardrobe
When shopping on a budget, pay great attention to colors. Stay away from bold colors and focus on grays, blues, and beiges. A good rule is to make sure you can pair up every one of your items with at least two others. There are a few essential things to remember: good leather shoes, a nice belt, a good sport coat, a couple of khaki pants, and some shirts in different colors. Add some pairs of black socks to it. Extra things would be sweaters with different cuts, such as a cardigan.

The third step: Put the outfit together
When it comes to combining the items, you can combine a pair of khakis with a blue shirt, but only twice a week at the maximum. Mix things up with a cardigan or with a casual tie. Balance things out with a pair of nice sneakers.

The fourth step: Shop
If you need to shop for clothes to complete your wardrobe, try thrift stores, eBay, or contemporary stores such as J, Crew or banana republic, at least for inspiration if they are out of your budget.